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Our commitment to excellence sets us apart.

The Signature Rydes Difference

Booking your luxury ride with Signature Rydes is a breeze.

When you book a ride with Signature Rydes and Corporates. Whether you do it over the phone, through email, their website, or any other way, you agree to their rental agreement. This means you’re giving them permission to charge your credit card for everything related to your reservation.

They will send you an email to confirm your reservation. It’s your job to check the email and make sure all the information is correct. If there are any mistakes, you should call them to fix it.

The prices they tell you on the phone is just an estimate. It doesn’t include things like tips for the driver or extra fees for things like extra stops or waiting time. These additional costs will add up to your final bill. They’ll also email you a final receipt when everything is done.


Signature Rydes and Corporates accepts both cash and major credit cards as payment. They will ask for a down payment and your credit card information when you book a ride. The prices they show can change at any time, but the rate they confirm when you make your reservation is what you’ll pay.

You agree not to dispute any valid charges from Signature Rydes and Corporates after your trip, unless you have written proof or an email showing that you requested to cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the trip.


If you or anyone in your group damages the limousine during your rental, you’re responsible for paying for the repairs. For example, if you burn or tear the seats or carpets, it will cost $150 each. If there’s a need for extra cleaning, it will be $250.

It’s against the law for underage people to drink alcohol or use drugs. If anyone in your group breaks this rule and gets fined, you have to cover the cost. The driver can stop the ride without giving a refund if someone in your group is acting really badly. You’re not allowed to stand through the sunroof, and smoking is only allowed in specific limos if you ask for it in advance.

Wait time/Extra stops:

If you’re using the vehicle for a transfer (from one place to another), they’ll start charging you by the hour if you make the driver wait for more than 15 minutes after the agreed time.

Cancellation & No-Show:

  • If you cancel late or don’t show up, you’ll be charged the full amount for the service.
  • If you’re canceling a Motor Coach, Mini Coach, or Limo Bus, you need to do it at least 15 days in advance; otherwise, you’ll have to pay fully.
  • For Vans and Sprinters, you must cancel at least 72 hours ahead; otherwise, you’ll pay the full amount.
  • Stretch Limousines require at least 7 days’ notice for cancellation; otherwise, you’ll have to pay the full price.
  • Any sales or promotions they offer don’t work on these special days: New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving.

Delays or Lost Items

Signature Rydes and Corporates can’t be responsible for things they can’t control. Like bad weather or road problems (like accidents or traffic jams). If their vehicle breaks down while they’re on their way to pick you up or during your ride, let them help. They’ll only make up for the lost time on a different day that both you and they agree on. They’re not responsible for any personal belongings you might lose or forget in their vehicles.

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